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Samsung Galaxy S3 could be world's thinnest smart phone

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is set to launch in May -- and could be the world's thinnest smart phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is set to launch in May -- and could be the world's thinnest smart phone. That's according to reports suggesting the hotly anticipated Android powerhouse will measure just 7mm thick.

The frequently reliable quotes a Korean report from ETnews that the S3 will be just 7mm thick. Samsung has worked out how to make the printed circuit boards and other internal gubbins up to 20 per cent thinner than previous versions.

The current Samsung Galaxy S2 measures less than 9mm thick at its thinnest point, although it does flare out slightly wider at the bottom. The S2's biggest rival, the iPhone 4S, measures 9.3mm. The comparison between the two caused controversy last year when the Advertising Standards Agency ruled that the iPhone was thinner overall.

If it does indeed clock in at 7mm, the S3 is set to be the thinnest smart phone in the world, a title currently held by the Motorola Razr -- a whisker fatter at 7.1mm. Doubtless there will be a number of 'world's thinnest' phones unveiled at phone trade show Mobile World Congress this month, although Samsung says the S3 won't be among them.

The S3 is a shoe-in to run Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android. The report also claims that the S3 boasts an HDMI port, 3D camera and quad-core processor. We're likely to see a couple of quad-core powerhouses this year, including the LG X3 and HTC Edge. Perhaps they'll feature the quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor found in the Asus Transformer Prime tablet.

Sources also reckon that the S3 will connect to the Internet with LTE, the next step up from 3G. That's all very well for phone fans in the US, where LTE is much more widespread, but over here 4G hasn't progressed beyond the trial stage.

What does that mean for the S3 in Britain? Will it be 4G in the US, but 3G here? Or, like so many other 4G phones, will the S3 only launch in the US and not come here at all?

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