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Samsung Galaxy S3 coming back in black, Facebook snaps hint

A photo on Samsung's Facebook page reveals a black version of its Galaxy S3 could be en route.

A black version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been revealed on Samsung's own Facebook page, with the South Korean tech giant uploading a photo that appears to show a noir-hued edition of its quad-core smart phone.

The picture, spied by ITProPortal, was uploaded to Samsung Mobile's page and shows what looks very much like a black S3 next to a white version, along with a caption about S Beam, the NFC tool for beaming photos and other goodies to another Galaxy S3.

While far from conclusive, the shot -- which shows the phones in front of the Olympic stadium -- does appear to show an S3 unlike any currently on sale. A second picture in Samsung's Olympic album shows a similarly dark-hued S3 being used to take a photo of a tube train.

The black Galaxy S3 has a definite matte look, so could sit aside from its glossy cousins, and double as a tiny Batmobile.

The images could be clever fakes, not-so-subtle hints from Samsung, or perhaps the result of a prototype Galaxy S3 slipping into the hands of Samsung's official photographers. 

Currently the S3 comes in white and 'pebble blue' -- the latter version having been subjected to manufacturing problems at the phone's launch, caused by trouble with Samsung's new kind of blue.

Samsung's certainly fond of introducing new colour options for its popular mobiles -- just take a look at the pink Galaxy S2. A black Galaxy S3 is less striking, but I'm sure there are smart phone fans out there who were put off by the lack of a black option at launch.

Would you buy a black Galaxy S3? Would you like to see your favourite smart phone sporting any other hues? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.