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Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich update on 1 March?

The Samsung Galaxy S2 may get updated to Ice Cream Sandwich on 1 March, if one speculator is proved right.

Take this with a fistful of salt, but the Samsung Galaxy S2 will be getting updated to Ice Cream Sandwich on 1 March, if one industry speculator is to be believed.

Frequent tweeter on the subject of all things tech Eldar Murtazin took to the micro-blogging service to say, "Android 4 aka ICS for SGS2 will be officially available from March 1."

Murtazin went on to qualify that the date of the much-anticipated upgrade would depend on your country and network operator, and that the bump to Android 4.0 would be available as as an over the air update, or using Samsung's Kies software.

Murtazin doesn't say what his sources are, and the prolific tweeter's futuregazing missives don't always seem to be on the money -- recently he tweeted a link to an image of what looked to be a new Samsung Galaxy phone, but we reckon that was just a dodgy Photoshop.

Still, if 1 March isn't when the S2 gets updated, it can't be far off the truth -- Samsung Norway has said it will update the S2 and the Galaxy Note in the first quarter of 2012, which means it should be sporting Ice Cream Sandwich by the end of March.

Murtazin later tweeted that the Note would be getting updated to Ice Cream Sandwich "from March to May". What would really help in this situation is for Samsung to be upfront with S2 owners about when they can expect an update. C'mon folks, put us out of our misery!

Motorola big cheese Christy Wyatt recently went on record blaming complex and diverse hardware for slowing down the rate of ICS updates.

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