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Samsung Galaxy S2 hits 10 million sales

Samsung's corking Galaxy S2 smart phone has passed the 10 million sales mark, making it a popular phone indeed.

Samsung's Galaxy S2 smart phone has passed the 10 million worldwide sales mark, making it a very popular mobile indeed.

In late July we reported that Samsung had shifted 5 million of the Android-powered blighters. That was eight weeks ago, suggesting the incredibly slender S2 is continuing to go great guns.

Those 10 million devices appear to represent channel sales, so it doesn't mean there are 10 million S2 users out there, just that Samsung has flogged that many to retailers. But it does indicate that demand for the phone remains high.

We were extremely impressed with the S2 when we gave it our exhaustive review treatment, praising the impossibly slim and light build, as well as a powerful dual-core processor and a screen so bright you can still see it with your eyes closed. Probably.

The camera's not bad either, capturing natty snaps at an 8-megapixel resolution. A glorious all-rounder then, and a phone that promises to make the bearer feel the toast of the town.

There's just one fly in Samsung's phone-scented ointment -- Apple. The Cupertino tech giant is bombarding Samsung with a lethal barrage of lawsuits, which have already seen the Samsung Galaxy S2 banned from sale, and tablets such as the upcoming Galaxy Tab 7.7 yanked from trade-show floors.

The iPhone 5 is expected to hit within the next few weeks, and we'll be keeping our expert eyes on proceedings to see whether Apple's newest creation can put a dent in the S2's popularity.

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