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Samsung Galaxy S2 HD not coming to the UK

Bad news for Brits, the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD will not be arriving on these shores.

Bad news for Brits, the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD will not be arriving on these shores.

We heard about the souped-up S2, which boasts a 720p 4.65-inch screen, way back in September. Back then, the drool-worthy mobile had only been announced for Samsung's native South Korea.

Following news from Recombu that the S2 HD wouldn't be coming out over here, we got in touch with Samsung and received confirmation that the company has no plans to release the phone in the UK. Heartbreaking stuff.

The Galaxy S2 HD is 4G capable, which is usually a sign that a phone won't make it to our fair Kingdom, where we're lumbered with lame old 3G. Still, with the original S2 selling extremely well, we harboured hopes that Samsung would see fit to bring a 3G edition of the S2 HD to the UK.

Apart from the improved screen resolution, this jazzed-up S2 also features a 1.5GHz processor. There's an 8-megapixel camera glued onto the back, which is the same resolution as the first S2.

Galaxy fans shouldn't be too dismayed -- we're mere weeks away from Mobile World Congress, where Samsung will almost certainly lift the lid on the Galaxy S3, a proper follow-up to the magnificent S2 and way better than this poxy HD thing that we didn't even want anyway, so there.

We've heard whispers that the S3 will sport a 3D screen and possibly a 1.8GHz processor too. Let us know what you'd like to see in the comments, or over on our Facebook wall.