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Samsung Galaxy S may get ICS after all

Samsung is looking into ways of putting Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy S, following an uproar by customers.

In journalese, this is known as a reverse ferret. Just before Christmas we brought you news Samsung was updating its line of Galaxy devices to Android Ice Cream Sandwich next year, with the S and Ace being notable omissions. Now comes word it'll do everything it can to bolt ICS onto the S, Pocketnow reports.

We contacted Samsung for comment at the time as to why it was leaving out the Galaxy S, and it never got back to us. According to Pocketnow, the reason the S wouldn't get ICS was because of its Touchwiz UI -- Samsung's own software it put on the device.

Now it seems customer uproar has caused the Korean firm to reconsider. It's investigating ways of making Ice Cream Sandwich work on the S -- which just goes to show, complaining really can make a difference. This news comes via Korean site AJNews -- we won't include the link, as we were warned the site contains malware.

A host of Samsung's devices, including all sizes of Galaxy Tab, the Galaxy S2 and the huge Galaxy Note will get ICS early next year. Sony Ericsson is also upgrading its handsets before March, but LG is taking a more relaxed attitude, to put it kindly. It won't start upgrading until April, with some having to wait until September -- that's almost a year after the software launched. Which we think is a bit unreasonable, as do some of LG's customers. Here's hoping LG listens to its fans like Samsung did.

When are you due an upgrade to ICS? And can it come soon enough? Maybe you've already upgraded -- if so, how's it going? Let us know on our Facebook page, or in the comments below.

Update: Samsung may offer an 'Android value pack' for the Galaxy S, which will bring enhancements but not the full Ice Cream Sandwich treatment, Korean website Duam reports. Apparently the update will bring improved web surfing, better multi-tasking, new widgets, tweaks to the camera, and more. We've contacted Samsung for clarification, we'll let you know as soon as we hear back.