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Samsung Galaxy S levels up to Android 2.2 on Vodafone

It's Froyo time for those of you with a Vodafone-branded Samsung Galaxy S phone -- hopefully you won't suffer any of the reported issues with the Kies upgrade software.

Vodafone's firmware team are really cooking with gas this week. Not content with bringing out the HTC Legend Android 2.2 upgrade to owners before it hit unlocked handsets, Vodafone is also the first UK network to release the update for the Samsung Galaxy S.

Vodafone revealed it had started the rollout on its forum, and owners ready to upgrade should have found out from a text message. You'll need to use Samsung's Kies software to download it, rather than it being an over-the-air update. To perform the upgrade, follow the instructions we've helpfully provided here -- we recommend a swift backup beforehand.

There have been reports that the update has taken a while to download, possibly due to the number of people trying to update at the same time. Some users also seem to be having trouble with Kies -- if you're having issues, it would be wise to check the forum to see if there's already a solution.

Those who have performed the update successfully seem to be happy with it. There's been the expected performance boost over Android 2.1, plus a smarter layout, some new features and an improvement with the Galaxy S' much-criticised GPS. There should also be some new call settings, one allowing you to bar calls from unknown numbers.

As with yesterday's Legend update, Vodafone seems to have listened to the many complaints about bloatware it was putting on Android phones. Vodafone forum member Onyx wrote, "A big thanks to Vodafone for getting rid of the rubbish you previously stuck on your Eclair update. Love the improvements this latest update has brought, the pinch to choose desktop, the improved icons.

"I can live with the single 360 icon/app. Still can't uninstall that apparently. Vodafone's apps do seem pretty rubbish, I have to say. All in all, phone does seem more colourful, and faster. Could be me, but I swear my Internet connection's improved as well?"

Has the Kies software been an issue for you? For those who've successfully updated, has the Android 2.2 Froyo upgrade been everything you dreamed of and more?