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Samsung Galaxy S III knows your voice

Millions of Facebook users don't use privacy settings, Toyota's all-electric SUV will soon debut, and Samsung unveils the powerful Galaxy S III.

In today's show, it's time to teach your phone new tricks, get creeped out about privacy settings, and tag up the office:

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Samsung unveiled it's newest Galaxy smartphone, the Galaxy S III, and it's got some serious specs that could challenge the iPhone. It's fast, with a quad-core processor, and will be loaded with latest version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich). But the most notable highlights are new photo and voice command features. The phone will first roll out to Europe within the month, and eventually make it's way to the U.S. this summer.

Consumer Reports released some scary privacy statistics. Nearly 13 million Facebook users in the not use Facebook's privacy settings.

Toyota will publicly debut the RAV4 EV on Monday. It's Toyota's all-electric SUV that it developed with Telsa Motors.

The New York Times tells us more about why Target will stop selling Amazon's Kindle. Put simply, Target is fed up with Amazon's sales tactics.

You'll start to see new "action links" popping up around Facebook. They're new ways to interact with posts.

And today we're checking out the iOS app Wallit. Users can slap up a virtual wall anywhere -- home, office, or landmark -- and write a message on it. Only users of the app will be able to see the message. It's still a young app, and it was pretty buggy when I used it. But if they can smooth out the kinks, it could be a quirky and cute way to leave your mark on places you've visited.

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