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Samsung Galaxy S II may be Sprint-bound, too

A new pair of images strongly suggest that a form of the Galaxy S II may be coming to Sprint in the near future.

Samsung Galaxy S II for Sprint?
This Is My Next

The image may be blurred, but the phone's body, distinctly bumpy back cover, and slightly upturned base are telltale signs of the Galaxy S II model.

This is My Next got their hands on a pair of images that show Sprint's markings. The photo above also clearly shows an 8-megapixel camera, the lens strength of the Galaxy S II.

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Although this unofficial model (which may be known as the Galaxy Within) is clearly related to the unlocked model we saw, everything is different enough to suggest that Samsung will follow the success of its Galaxy S series with the same game plan: releasing similar, but not identical products for multiple carriers.

This particular handset, for instance, is rounder than the unlocked version we reviewed, from the corners on the body to the camera housing, and the volume rocker on the left side appears to be a chunkier metallic component than the Galaxy S II's thin black plastic strip.

While we don't know details for sure, it's clear that Samsung is readying its Galaxy S II launch in the U.S., especially when it's selling like hotcakes in Europe.