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Samsung Galaxy S 2 Plus rumoured to add more power to the S 2 powerhouse

More power! as a noted scholar once said. Samsung seems to have taken that to heart, if rumours are to be believed of a beefed-up version of the tasty Samsung Galaxy S 2.

More power! as a noted scholar once said. Samsung seems to have taken that maxim to heart, if rumours are to be believed about a beefed-up version of the already rather tasty Samsung Galaxy S 2, known as the Samsung Galaxy S 2 Plus.

The Pop Herald claims it heard the news from credible sources in Asia, although noted that one source says the beefed-up phone will have a different name. We're not putting too much stock in this one, but our curiosity is piqued -- when it comes to phones, how much power is too much power?

Word on the street says the mooted S 2 Plus would pack a 1.4GHz processor, up from the current phone's 1.2GHz chip. That's already a boost over the 1GHz chip planned for the phone when it was originally announced. We guess Samsung just can't resist upgrading that processor, which is great for fancy stuff like faster apps and glorious-looking games, but could give the battery a kicking.

The S2 Plus could also have 1GB RAM and run Android 2.3.4 software.

The current version of the S 2 is a behemoth of a smart phone. It packs a sizzling 4.3-inch Super AMOLED screen in a stunningly slim and sleek casing. Inside there's that meaty processor and an 8-megapixel camera. It's super-quick and responsive, Samsung's TouchWiz software front end is clean and friendly, and of course it benefits from the hundreds of thousands of apps kicking about in the Android Market.  

If the folks at Samsung do decide to soup up the S 2, they may want to make it look a little less like an iPhone: Samsung and Apple have been at legal loggerheads lately over allegations that Galaxy devices and packaging rip off Apple's styling.

The S2 is already a powerhouse of a phone -- does it need a power boost? With the current model costing around £500, would an even more powerful version be prohibitively pricey? Or would it just make current S 2 owners spitting mad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.