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Samsung Galaxy S 2 hugely in demand with 3 million pre-orders

Samsung claims 3 million pre-orders for the Galaxy S 2, and O2 gushes about smart phones in general.

Samsung's latest wonder phone, the superlative Galaxy S 2, has over 3 million people worldwide clamouring for it, according to pre-order statistics to April. Not all pre-orders convert to sales -- but it's still a hugely impressive number.

Apple naysayers have trumpeted this for years, but it's proof that other manufacturers can generate buzz rivalling that of iPhone launches. It's not surprising that Samsung trumped the rest in the first three months of the year.

The Galaxy S 2 is a remarkable Android phone, with a magnificent 4.3-inch AMOLED screen, an 8-megapixel camera, a punchy 1.2GHz processor, and a sub-1cm body.

That's more than enough to spark off a round of corporate back-patting. Samsung UK's managing director for mobile, Simon Stanford, was keen to point out that its complete Galaxy range -- the Ace, Tab, Mini and S together with the S 2 -- had "exceeded expectations".

O2, keen to get in on the act as one of the Galaxy-loving networks, decided to state the bleedin' obvious fact that "more of our customers are looking to move to smart phones," before claiming to be "the home of the smart phone" and mentioning something about Take That in much the same way Robbie Williams muttered something about Samsung being great.

Spokespersons from other mobile phone networks were unavailable for comment at this big-figures lovefest. Perhaps that's because you can't get the S 2 on the other networks yet. Even O2 grizzles about a 14-day wait. But is it as good as the iPhone 4? That, as we delicately put it in our comparison feature, is your decision.