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Samsung Galaxy R flaunts new features, S2 stylings in new video

The Samsung Galaxy R has popped up in a new video showing off its new features and S2 Lite looks. Will we be seeing this more affordable smart phone in our shops?

Samsung's Galaxy R may not be a member of the elite smart phone club with its big brother the Galaxy S 2, but that hasn't stopped us being more than a little excited since its announcement last week. We were hoping to have the phone turning up in our hands round about now, but instead we're given a quick video outlining its features. Cheers, Samsung.

The Galaxy R is best seen as a more affordable version of the Galaxy S 2. It has a slightly smaller 4.2-inch screen (although it's the same resolution as the S 2) and a 1GHz dual-core processor, slightly undercutting the S 2's 1.2GHz chip. Will you notice the difference in normal use? Probably not.

The camera on the Galaxy R is slightly worse too, offering 5 megapixels against the S 2's 8. The R is hardly a massive beast, but it is slightly fatter than its older brother, whose sleek design could melt the heart of the fairest maiden and totally doesn't look anything like the iPhone 4 so don't even suggest it, okay?

The video -- courtesy of SammyHub -- outlines some of the R's new features. We already know about its design, but we're also told about all the different 'hubs' on offer. Hubs are Samsung's way of grouping different bits of functionality together.

The Galaxy R, like the S 2, will make use of a social hub, games hub, reader hub and music hub to bring together your social networking, gaming, ebook and magazine purchases and music downloads respectively into easily digestible chunks.

While the Galaxy R seems to be a well-presented piece of kit, Samsung refuses to confirm the phone will ever see the UK. This is sad but not too surprising, as it would undercut the Galaxy S 2, itself available for only £25 a month on some contracts. Still, it could well be that the final decision on the Galaxy R hasn't been made and we may yet see it in our shops.

Make sure to keep it CNET UK for further updates on the Galaxy R. In the meantime, check out the video below and head on over to our official Facebook page to let us know if you're excited for the Galaxy R or would rather have a cheaper S 2, given it's been out for a while.