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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is now available in stores

Samsung's comeback phone is now on sale at wireless carriers and third-party retailers.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is now on sale.

Sarah Tew/CNET

On Friday, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 went on sale in stores in the US, UK, South Korea and in other select countries. The Note 8 is the follow up phone to the Note 7, which was recalled last year after multiple incidents where the battery overheated and smoked.

In her review, CNET editor Jessica Dolcourt said, "The Galaxy Note 8 is without a doubt Samsung's best, most feature-packed phone."

In the US, the Note 8 can be purchased unlocked from and third-party retailers like Best Buy, Target and Walmart for $930. Here are the prices for it when purchased through carriers:

  • AT&T - $950
  • Sprint - $960
  • T-Mobile - $930
  • Verizon - $960
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If you live in the US and purchased a Galaxy Note 7, Samsung will give you a trade-in credit of up to $425 (from your current device) toward the purchase of a Note 8. There is a lot of fine print here, but the big takeaway is that you have to go through and redeem the offer before Sept. 30.