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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 makes its debut

The phone has a new, curved screen made with much tougher Gorilla Glass to protect it.

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There weren't a lot of surprises, but Samsung finally unveiled the Galaxy Note 7. It features a lot of similarities to the Galaxy S7 line including the same water resistance rating. The Note 7 uses a reversible USB-C instead of the usual Micro-USB connector. Samsung will include a Micro-USB to USB-C adapter so older devices will still work with the Note 7. The curved screen uses Gorilla Glass 5, which is supposed to withstand a lot more damage.

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On the security side, there may be over 200 million Yahoo credentials for sale right now. The seller is known as "Peace." He has ties to a number of hacks including the LinkedIn hack that compromised Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter account. ZDNet Security editor Zack Whittacker believes that the Yahoo data for sale (if legitimate) are not the result of a new hack, but part of a larger hack. For instance, a person may have searched for all Yahoo email addresses in a data breach and attempted to use an already exposed password with that account in the case of a re-used password.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 makes its debut