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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE reportedly arriving next week

You can mark your calendars for July 7.

Tyler Do/CNET

According to a South Korean wire service, Samsung's Note 7 will be resurrected with new components soon.

Tyler Do/CNET

Rumor after rumor after rumor after rumor has insisted that the return of the once-flammable Galaxy Note 7 phablet will be in June. But according to South Korean wire service Yonhap News Agency's anonymous sources it's finally coming next week on July 7. 

The same report confirms the name will be Galaxy Note 7 FE, for "Fandom Edition" and that it will cost less than about $616 or 700,000 won.

It will likely use different components including a lower-capacity battery, according to Yonhap. And it comes amid rumors that its successor, the Note 8, is likely to arrive in August, but at a much higher price.

Samsung didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.