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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 pricing plans

Looking for a Note 3 on plan? Here's what you can expect to pay across the various carriers.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 is now available for pre-order, as is the Galaxy Gear smart watch.

(Credit: Samsung)

While you won't get either device until 3 October, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone have all released some plan details, with Virgin confirming that it will have the Note 3, but not announcing firm plans yet. We'll update this as more information comes to light. The RRP for the devices is AU$999 for the Note 3 and AU$369 for the Galaxy Gear.


The cheapest you can get the Note 3 for on Optus is AU$62 per month. This is the AU$35 My Plan, with AU$27 of handset repayments. The plan comes with 200 minutes of calls, unlimited SMS/MMS and 200MB of data. Minimum cost over 24 months is AU$1488.

The offer with the biggest data allowance will set you back AU$105 per month. This is the AU$100 My Plan, with AU$5 of handset repayments. This plan has unlimited calls and SMS/MMS and 3GB of data. Over 24 months, you'll pay a minimum of AU$2520.

Optus is also selling the Galaxy Note 3 outright for the slightly discounted price of AU$959.


Telstra is yet to reveal its full range of plans for the Note 3. It has confirmed that it will be available on the AU$80 Every Day Connect Plan with a further AU$8 of handset repayments per month. The plan has AU$800 worth of included calls and MMS, unlimited SMS and 1.5GB of data. Minimum cost for 24 months is AU$2122.

Telstra will also be selling the Note 3 outright for AU$912 and the Galaxy Gear for AU$369.


Vodafone revealed its full range of plans yesterday, and is offering both 12- and 24-month contracts.

In terms of monthly repayments, the AU$65 Red plan across 24 months is the cheapest for the Note 3. You'll pay AU$75 per month (including handset repayments) and get unlimited calls and texts plus 1.5GB of data. Total minimum cost over the contract is AU$1800.

The best plan in terms of data is the AU$100 Red plan on either 12 or 24 months, which comes with 5GB. On the 24-month plan, you'll pay no additional handset repayments, but on 12 months, the Note 3 will be an extra AU$26 per month. Total minimum cost for the 12-month plan is AU$1512.

Vodafone is also the only carrier to be bundling the Galaxy Gear with the Note 3. Bundles are available across all plans on either 12- or 24-month contracts. On the aforementioned AU$100 Red plan, over 24 months, you can get the Note 3 and Gear together for no extra repayments for a minimum cost of AU$2400 over the length of the contract, making this one of the best deals for people looking for both devices.

Note that many of Vodafone's plans are based on pre-order, with prices increasing after 3 October.


Virgin is only offering the Galaxy Note 3, with no mention of the Gear smart watch on the site.

The cheapest deal is the AU$30 per month plan, with AU$23 of handset repayments. The total minimum cost over 24 months is AU$1272, and you'll get 200MB of data and AU$200 of credit.

If you want more data, the AU$90 per month plan has 3GB of data. You'll pay an additional AU$2 of handset repayments, making the minimum cost over the 24-month contract AU$2208. You'll also get unlimited standard calls and texts within Australia.

Finally, the Galaxy Note 3 is of course available on the top-tier AU$140 per month Irresistible Plan. You get 6GB of data, unlimited standard calls and texts and a return flight to New Zealand, Fiji or Vanuatu on Virgin Australia. For all that, you'll pay AU$3360 over 24 months.

Updated at 11.25 AEST, 26 September: added pricing information from Virgin.