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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is 'the best phablet' in CNET review

CNET Asia has given Samsung's new Note the review treatment. Find out how it fared here.

Our sister site CNET Asia has given the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 the review treatment, calling the company's massive new mobile 'the best phablet in the market'.

The third generation of Samsung's Note smart phones gets an Editors' rating of four stars out of five in the review, which praises the bright and vibrant 5.7-inch 1080p display, as well as Samsung's useful stylus.

Samsung's new software tweaks and up-to-date Android are also highlighted as great features of the Note 3, with battery life also praised.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows however -- the review notes that the Note 3's camera produces only average-looking snaps, with few control options in the camera software. Samsung's TouchWiz UI is also starting to look dated, the review says.

The leather-effect fake stitching on the back of the Note 3 looks a little tacky at first, CNET Asia writes, but does grow on you, and doesn't feel as oily as the slick plastic you'll find on the Note 2.

What is impressive, the review notes, is that the Note 3 has a bigger screen than its predecessor, but the phone itself is no bigger. In fact, the Note 3 is thinner than the current model. It's no good for lefties though, with the phone's 'back' button tough to reach if you're holding the Note 3 in your left hand.

We'll have a UK-centric review live on the site before long, so stay tuned, and let me know in the comments whether you're planning on buying the Galaxy Note 3. 

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