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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 emerging this month, Samsung says

Samsung is making a sequel to the Galaxy Note, with the giganto-phone set to be revealed at the end of August.

Samsung is making a follow-up to the Galaxy Note, with the South Korean company confirming its new giganto-phone will be revealed at the end of August.

Yesterday we brought you news that Samsung had sent out cryptic invites for an event on 29 August, depicting a mysterious box and what looked like a stylus masquerading as a magic wand.

Donning a deer stalker and breaking out the chemistry set, we surmised that the mysterious invite tipped the imminent arrival of a honking great Galaxy Note sequel. Now it would seem that The Case of the Mysterious Mobile has been solved, with Reuters reporting that Samsung has given the game away.

"We plan to unveil the next Galaxy Note at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin on August 29," Samsung flatly told the site, quashing any mystery that surrounded its Berlin-based box social.

No need to put away the magnifying glass just yet, however. While we know Samsung is plotting a sequel to its 5.3-inch half-tablet-half-phone, what that device will look like is still up in the air.

Several weeks ago curious benchmarks popped up online, hinting that the follow-up would play host to the same quad-core processor that's powering the staggeringly speedy Galaxy S3.

Meanwhile, the already palm-punishing screen is reckoned to stretch to 5.5 inches on the diagonal -- an unprecedented size for a smart phone, and one that would make the 3.5-inch iPhone look even tinier than it already does.

What do you think Samsung should stick in the Galaxy Note 2? And if the Note 2 is coming on 29 August, what's Samsung's 'surprise' later this month going to be? Get guessing in the comments or on our Facebook wall.