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Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume bug to be fixed 'next week'

Samsung Galaxy Nexus handsets that are free of the volume bug will ship next week, according to a retailer.

Picture the scene: you've just brought your brand new handset back from the shop, only to discover the volume drops out when you're making calls. Well that's what's happened with those picking up the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which is why we can't recommend the handset -- yet.

Next week everything could change, as shops should be getting in new stock not plagued by the volume bug, SlashGear reports. About time, we say.

A pre-order customer told the site that Irish resellers will be getting fixed handsets in stock next week. A retailer told him, "The latest update is that Samsung is bringing new stock into Ireland and that it won't be in until next week." 

Google admitted there was a volume bug on the Galaxy Nexus, saying, "We are aware of the volume issue and have developed a fix. We will update devices as soon as possible."

It's not known whether those with dud handsets will be offered refunds, exchanges, or any kind of software updates that could right the wrong, but you'd hope so.

The problem seems to be caused by the 900MHz 2G frequency used by O2 and Vodafone, so bad news if you're on either. Networks piggybacking those two will also suffer, so a Galaxy Nexus on Tesco, giffgaff or Asda will probably have the same fault.

Those on Orange, T-Mobile or Three should be fine, as they use different frequencies.

The Nexus isn't the only recent handset with issues. Some units of the iPhone 4S have suffered from battery woes, as have some Nokia Lumia 800s. Really, you'd expect more from these top-end handsets.

Have you experienced the volume bug yourself? What do you think Samsung and Google should do as recompense? Let us know below or over on our Facebook page.

Update 2 December: Google has pushed out an official update that fixes the bug, and we've amended our Samsung Galaxy Nexus review to reflect this.