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Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume bug fix tested -- it works

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus bug fix is here -- we've tested it and it works.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume bug has been patched. We've tested the fix, and it works.

That means we'll be updating our review of the Galaxy Nexus, to reflect the fact that it's no longer rubbish.

The Galaxy Nexus is the first Android phone to arrive running Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Google's mobile operating system. But its launch was hampered by a glitch that meant the phone's volume would spontaneously drop, meaning calls would suddenly go silent and you would miss notifications.

The spooky glitch affected the phone when it was using over a 2G connection on the 900MHz frequency (used by Vodafone and O2, among other networks).

Bizarrely it also proved possible to make the Nexus' volume drop while it was in airplane mode, if another phone hooked up to a 900MHz connection was in close proximity. We put another O2 phone next to the fixed Nexus and nothing happened, so it seems this odd glitch has been patched up too.

Google admitted that the Nexus was borked last week, and this week the search giant has been rolling out updates that fix the issue. We've tested the Nexus, and it seems fine now.

We gave the Nexus a damning two-star score in our review, explaining that we couldn't recommend buying the otherwise excellent phone while it was still hampered by the glitch. Now that bug has been squashed, we're in the process of amending our review.

Will you be buying the Nexus? Has yours been updated yet? Tell us in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

Update: We've now updated our Samsung Galaxy Nexus review to reflect the fix.