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Samsung Galaxy Nexus unboxing in 8-bit Clash of the Nexus Ninjas

Find out how many ninjas it takes to unbox the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in a mind-bogglingly fun 8-bit game on YouTube.

How many ninjas does it take to change a lightbulb? No-one knows -- when the light comes back on we still can't see them. How many ninjas does it take to unbox the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Find out in a mind-bogglingly fun 8-bit game on YouTube.

Clash of the Nexus Ninjas begins as a YouTube video introducing the Galaxy Nexus, in the now-traditional ninja unboxing for the latest Nexus flagship Android phone. Then it explodes into 8-bit kicky-punch action as you fight over who's going to be first to try out Ice Cream Sandwich.

You take the role of the red Nexus Ninja, battling off hordes of black and white Nexus Ninjas. Power up with Nexus power and become a powerhouse of kicks and punches, laying out swathes of enemies with each supercharged blow.

The ninja unboxing saga began with an incredible 97-second stop-motion battle between red, black and white ninjas to be the first to try the Google Nexus One last January. Fists fly, katanas slice and USB cables blur in an orgy of fancy footwork and flying fists until the Nexus One is revealed. Press play below to see the action unfold -- not that pressing play actually does anything; the ninja only let you see them when they want to be seen.

For the follow-up Google Nexus S by Samsung, the ninjas escape the bounds of the YouTube video, Red Ninja making off with the phone as black and white hurl bits of YouTube at him.

The man behind the ninja mask is special effects ninja Patrick Boivin, self-described "French Canadian autodidact director" who films, directs and does the effects for all his films. Crave chatted to Patrick last year about his adorable AT-AT Day Afternoon video, in which the iconic Star Wars troop transport is recast as an exciteable puppy.

His other interactive videos include a stop-motion Street Fighter and a stop-motion breakdancing contest between Batman and the Joker, both of which challenge you to play along.

Completing Clash of the Nexus Ninjas is only the first step towards getting your Ninja hands on the Galaxy Nexus. Have you triumphed over your ninja enemies? Tell us what you thought of the game in the comments or on our Facebook page.