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Samsung Galaxy Nexus training manual for Sprint employees leak

Leaked images of a Galaxy Nexus training manual hints that the release date for the device is drawing near.

The training manual indicates that the device's LTE will be turned off by default Engadget

Samsung's Galaxy Nexus for Sprint just can't be kept under the lid.

In January, there was the ad that appeared on our own site, which basically let everyone know that Sprint was going to carry the Galaxy Nexus. Whoops.

Now Engadget got its hands on a leaked training manual distributed to Sprint employees about the device. With a rumored April 22 release, this means that these poor guys will have to cram all that Nexus knowledge within two weeks.

(Then again, I managed to memorize a dozen or so monumental Supreme Court cases in one night for college, and I did just fine. And by fine, I mean I failed.)

Aside from informing workers that users can unlock the phone "with a smile," the manual also states that the device will be shipped with its LTE capabilities turned off. This is probably due to the fact that Sprint's 4G is still nascent, and the carrier is counting its eggs, or rather, releasing its phones, before the network hatches in full form.

When I contacted Sprint representatives, they said they were unable to give any further details about the Galaxy Nexus or its release date.