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Samsung Galaxy Nexus not delayed, says Samsung

Samsung has hit back at rumours suggesting that the Galaxy Nexus was delayed, saying the phone will be released on time.

Samsung has hit back at rumours that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus had been delayed until December, today confirming that the 4.65-inch smart phone is on track for its 17 November release.

"Samsung can confirm that the UK launch date for the Galaxy Nexus is the 17th November." the South Korean tech giant told us, in a statement as brief as it is heartening.

It was whispered that the Galaxy Nexus had been delayed, thanks to an listing that pegged the new mobile as dropping on 2 December.

That listing is still live, so it's possible that while the Galaxy Nexus will be available in Blighty on 17 November, Amazon won't be getting it until a little later. We'll be keeping a close eye on that listing to see if it changes to Samsung's earlier date.

Samsung can't afford to let the Galaxy Nexus' release date slide. This massive phone will be the first to launch running Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Google's Android operating system, and it needs to get it into shops quickly to compete with iOS and the looming threat of Windows Phone, both of which have spangly new versions out as well.

We've gone hands-on with the Galaxy Nexus already, and it looks like a tempting bit of kit. Read our first impressions for the skinny.

Will you be splashing out on the Galaxy Nexus? Or would you rather wait patiently for Ice Cream Sandwich to come to your Android phone of choice? Perhaps you'd just rather have an iPhone filling your pockets? Shout your thoughts in the comments, or hit us up on our Facebook wall or Google+ page.