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Samsung Galaxy Nexus impresses in Verizon speed test

New Google phone blazes on Verizon's LTE. Is it endangering its own Ice Cream Sandwich?

You have to be pretty fast to reach the Galaxy Nexus... Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

It may seem that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been slow to arrive on American shores, but there's reason to believe it will hit the ground running.

The Android faithful are placing their 4G hopes and dreams in a video circulating today that shows the new Google Ice Cream Sandwich phone on Verizon's LTE Network clocking in at download speeds between 8-10Mbps. The silent videographer notes on the screen that the test is being conducted over a less-than-ideal connection--indoors and with only two bars.

If you're not salivating yet, this comes as Verizon is planning a big 4G rollout next year, CNET's Roger Cheng reports today. Let's hope all this speed will be totally frictionless; we wouldn't want to melt that new Ice Cream Sandwich.

You can watch the speed test below:

(Via UberGizmo)