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Samsung: Galaxy Nexus battery problems are 'isolated' cases

Samsung denies Galaxy Nexus battery issues are widespread after CNET UK readers ran into problems charging their new phones.

Samsung is downplaying Samsung Galaxy Nexus battery issues after CNET UK readers ran into problems charging their new phones.

"The number of official repair and complaint cases in the UK relating to problems with the battery power and charging of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus are extremely low, therefore any reported cases are isolated," Samsung told us.

"Any customers having problems with their device should contact Samsung's technical support team who will be able to help."

So Samsung reckons there's nothing to see here, folks, but that's to be expected after the Nexus previously ran into trouble over a bug with the volume buttons. The charging issue doesn't appear to be as widespread, but it's been spotted by several Nexusites.

Two readers got in touch with us to report their new Galaxy Nexus failing to charge, then going nuts and repeatedly thinking it's being plugged in and unplugged again. The problem has been reported by other Nexus owners in various support forums.

The Galaxy Nexus is the first phone to showcase Google's latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. The first question to ask when confronted with a persistent problem with a phone is whether it's a software or hardware issue. Google quickly directed us towards Samsung on this issue, suggesting it's a hardware problem.

The good news if you're affected is that Samsung is aware of the problem, and has explicitly advised those affected to get in touch so they can sort the problem out.

Other phones to report battery issues recently include the Nokia Lumia 800, which would sometimes stay dead if allowed to run out of power completely, and the iPhone 4S, which also suffered battery issues.

Battery top tip from Lifehacker: the watchwords for charging, as with eating, are little and often. If you keep your phone hovering between about 50 per cent and 90 per cent you'll prolong its lifespan. Avoiding juicing fully or leaving the phone charging once the battery is full, and occasionally let it run out completely.

Have you encountered the battery bug? Whether you own a Galaxy Nexus or any other phone, how long does your battery last? Charge up in the comments or on our Facebook page.