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Samsung Galaxy goes to Android... and beyond!

The Samsung Galaxy is a forthcoming Android handset that also doubles as a spaceship -- according to a space-themed video beaming down today

Those kooky Italians. They've intercepted a transmission from space, showing off the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy phone. Samsung is the biggest name to plan an Android handset, and have celebrated with a video that's one part cute, one part educational and ten parts unintentionally hilarious -- which is the best kind of hilarious, we're sure you'll agree.

The message originated from the planet plagiarism, presumably: the robot from Robots flies around in a suspiciously familiar spaceship making occasional lightsaber noises and generally staying one note ahead of a lawsuit from John Williams.

You don't see much, but we liked the rather nifty glimpse of Street View on the Galaxy. Our sparky hero leaps from his Galaxy spaceship to collect a succession of Android applications, sadly running out of fuel at one point. Battery issues after downloading a couple of apps? Tsk, anyway, here's the video. On screen...