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Samsung: Galaxy Gear 'lacks something special'

Apparently even its maker thinks the smartwatch wasn't ready for prime time. A Samsung executive says work remains to be done so that the gadget can put its best (inter)face forward.

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Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch needs some improvement, one of the company's executives said in a recent interview.

Speaking to Korea Times in an interview published on Wednesday, an unidentified Samsung official said that the company has "acknowledged that our [Galaxy] Gear [smartwatch] lacks something special." The executive said that Samsung plans to increase "investment for user interface and user experience."

Samsung announced the Galaxy Gear earlier this month at the IFA show in Berlin. The device has hit some countries around the world already and will be available in the US next month. The smartwatch features a touchscreen that tells time, provides access to notifications and messages, and works with apps. It can also place calls.

The company didn't say specifically what it wants to improve in the Galaxy Gear, but the official speaking to Korea Times acknowledged that Samsung will hire more people soon that have expertise in user interface design.

That Samsung believes Galaxy Gear could stand to be improved comes amid rumors that the company is already at work on a new smartwatch that will come with a host of enhancements. In the Korea Times interview, however, the official said that Samsung is not working on a Galaxy Gear 2 -- a statement that could have something to do with the fact that the company is just kicking off sales on its current-generation product.

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