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Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Tab 4 expected next week

The hotly-tipped Samsung Galaxy S5 will be unveiled alongside a new Tab 4 tablet and Galaxy Gear smart watch in just a few days.

You know what we need? More Samsung tablets -- said no-one, ever. Except, apparently, Mr or Mrs Tablet at Samsung, who has reportedly approved the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

The Tab 4 will make its debut alongside the hotly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 in just over a week, according to ZDNet. And there'll be a new, redesigned Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch too.

Word on the street is that the Tab 4 will come in three flavours: 7-inch, 8-inch and 10.1 inch.

The second Gear is expected to have a curved OLED screen. The original Gear launched this time last year but was disappointingly short of features, so it'll be interesting to see what Samsung has up its sleeve this time.

Sleeve, geddit? It's a watch. Sleeve! Oh forget it. 

The S5 will be unveiled at annual phone and tablet extravaganza Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of the month. We'll be there in force to bring you the first news, videos and hands-on first impressions of the S5 and the rest of Samsung's new stuff, as well as the rest of the coolest kit you need to know about.