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Samsung Galaxy Fame and Galaxy Young come with Jelly Bean

The Samsung Galaxy Fame and Samsung Galaxy Young are two new pocket-sized phones with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Fame -- I'm gonna live forever! Prepare to dance in the streets with the Samsung Galaxy Fame and Samsung Galaxy Young, two new phones with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on board.

The Fame and Young are pocket-sized Android blowers officially unveiled today, with specs that suggest they'll be pretty easy on the wallet.

The 3.27-inch Galaxy Young runs a 1GHz processor with 768MB RAM and 4GB of storage for movies, music and pictures. It boasts a 3-megapixel camera and 1,300mAh battery.

The slightly smaller 3.5-inch Fame has the same chip and battery but adds a 5-megapixel camera. There'll be dual-SIM versions of both phones that allow you to keep two SIM cards in the phone at the same time, so you can make and take calls to and from two numbers without switching between phones. That feature probably won't come here though.

That's the Young pictured above on the left, and the Fame on the right -- or is it the other way round? Both phones look pretty much identical, with a home button at the bottom rounded corners and a silver band around the front edge. The Young comes in white, blue, wine red and metallic silver, while the Fame is finished in pearl white and metallic blue.

Although prices and other details haven't been revealed yet, Samsung told me it has an announcement to make on these phones later today -- which almost certainly means the brace of blowers will go on sale here in Britain. Update: Samsung has confirmed the Galaxy and Fame will go on sale in Britain in March.

Samsung has already revealed the Galaxy Express this year, while the likes of the S3 and the cheaper Ace and Ace 2 continue to be bestsellers. Are there too many Galaxy phones, or has Samsung sewn up the market with all these affordable Androids? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.