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Samsung Galaxy Camera a superzoom Android in hands-on video

Samsung's glued two gadgets together, creating the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Camera. Check it out in this vid.

Samsung Galaxy
Samsung's Galaxy Camera, with a 16MP sensor, a 21x zoom lens, Android 4.1, and smartphone-class mobile networking. Stephen Shankland/CNET

BERLIN--Mash two gadgets together, and under normal circumstances all you'd get is broken tech and shards of silicon under your fingernails. Samsung's playing Frankenstein, however, and has created the Galaxy Camera -- an Android-powered smartphone-snapper hybrid... thing.

Click play on the video below to see some hands-on footage of the Galaxy Camera from IFA 2012, as well as a rundown of all its tempting specs and features.

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Originally published as Samsung Galaxy Camera is superzoom Android in hands-on video on CNET UK.