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Samsung Galaxy B with edge-to-edge screen rumoured

Rumours are circulating that Samsung's planning a smart phone with an edge-to-edge screen, dubbed the Galaxy B.

Rumours are circulating that Samsung's planning a smart phone with a edge-to-edge screen, dubbed the Samsung Galaxy B.

Sammyhub spotted a report from the Korean language Maeil Business newspaper that hints that the company has been beavering away on a nearly bezel-free device.

Peering through the dense fog of Google Translate, it would appear that Samsung has been working on the phone for a while already, and that it'll feature a screen that leaves only the top of the phone's front display-free.

The screen looks to be of the AMOLED variety favoured by Samsung, and more details could emerge in the second or third quarter of the year. If you're not particularly fond of fractions, that means between April and September.

Take all that with a mugful of salt though -- it's impossible to know how credible that report is. But a Galaxy phone with a classy bezel-free display is certainly a tempting proposition.

While it's little indication of the company's plans, Samsung has shown form before when it comes to bezel-shrinking -- last year's D7000 telly had the whole office weeping with how gorgeously slim the sliver surrounding the screen was.

Edge-to-edge screen tech was one of the features rumoured to be appearing on the iPhone 5, though of course the iPhone 5 never materialised and we were left with the iPhone 4S. A decent phone in its own right, but not a huge step up from the previous model.

With the next iPhone supposedly not making an appearance until the autumn, it's possible that Samsung could beat Apple to the punch with its own edge-to-edge tech -- if the Galaxy B proves to be real, of course.

The Galaxy B could even be the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3, which we know will be unveiled in the first half of this year. Last month a mystery phone (pictured above) popped up in a Samsung promotional video sporting a very thin bezel, but is it a new device or just some Photoshop work on the part of a video editing bod?

What are your predictions for Samsung's 2012 line-up? Let me know in the comments, or over on our Facebook wall.