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Samsung Galaxy Ace, S3 Mini and more earn up to £300 cashback

Carphone Warehouse is offering cashback up to £300 on phones including the Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

Money: that's what I want. I certainly wouldn't say no to £300 just for buying a phone, and Carphone Warehouse is offering varying amounts of cash up to £300 on a range of phones including the Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

Buying the Galaxy Ace on a monthly contract from O2 though Carphone Warehouse earns you a respectable £250 cashback. The Ace is a bit long in the tooth in phone years, having arrived two years ago, but we gave the 3.5-inch budget blower a highly respectable four stars for its compact and stylish looks and decent battery life.

The cashback deal costs £26 per month and comes with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data for connecting to the Web. 

The Ace's Android software is far from up-to-date -- it's version 2.2 Froyo -- but at this price who's complaining? If you do want a newer phone but without breaking the bank, you can opt for the more recent Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. The Ace 2 is a dual-core phone that's less than a year old and packs Android Gingerbread -- and earns you £75 cashback.

The Galaxy Mini on Orange nabs you £125 cashback, while the Samsung Galaxy Y on O2 nets you £150.

Cashback comes in the form of a cheque, sent to you within a month after you purchase your phone. To get the maximum £300 cashback, you need to buy an LG Optimus L3, an HTC Desire C, BlackBerry Curve 9320 or Sony Xperia Tipo, all on an O2 contract. I'd stay away from the L3, which earned an atrocious 1 1/2 stars in our review, but the Tipo and BlackBerry 9320 are decent little phones. 

Are these worthwhile deals? Have you bagged a bargain with the Ace or another affordable Android phone? Heck, with Android so cheap, is it even worth forking out for a high-end phone? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.