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Samsung fights back against the iPad, wants you to feel better

Technically Incorrect: Just after Apple launches its latest iPad, Samsung releases a new ad for the Galaxy Tab S2. Apparently, your downtime needs to be elevated.

This is how Samsung's new tablet makes you feel. When you're actually on a plane, that is. Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

What do you do after Apple has made such a hullabaloo?

If you're Samsung, you keep on going and pretend that nothing happened. Oh, and you also tell people that your new tablet will make them feel so much better.

On Wednesday, Apple enjoyed all the world's eyeballs as it launched the supersized iPad Pro , as well as other enticing elements, at an event in San Francisco.

Samsung, however, is tasked with selling its Galaxy Tab S2 . This very well-reviewed tablet lacks only one thing: cachet.

The Korean consumer electronics giant, though, has released a new ad that suggests a more rational benefit. Apparently, the minute you get a Galaxy Tab s2 in your hands, your downtime will immediately be elevated.

You think you're sitting next to awful people on the plane? As soon as you whip out your S2, you'll feel like you're wearing a stolen hotel robe and sitting on a park bench.

That was not a sentence I ever thought I'd write, but it does describe a scene from this ad.

Samsung isn't interested, the voice-over says, in searching for the meaning of life. It's probably too late for that anyway.

Instead, it created this fine tablet so you can make the most of your afterlife. Technically, the ad describes it as your "extra life."

It's an interesting logic. However, does anyone have any extra life anymore? Aren't we tied to our technology more tightly than a European businessman is to his Speedos on vacation?

Downtime is when we finally manage to tear ourselves away from the darned machines for at least an hour or two.

But you can understand what Samsung means. What is less understandable are the terrible names the company has given to its tablets. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 rolls off the tongue about as easily as the cotton wool after three solid days of nonstop imbibing in Vegas.

The tablet industry has been in a slump, Apple included. Will this ad turn enough heads toward Samsung's tablet wares? Will Samsung suffer even more of a down time if it doesn't?