Samsung ES6100 first take

The Samsung ES6100 is a midrange television that offers wireless connectivity and a slim, edge-lit screen.

While Sony is busy tamping down the number of TVs in its range for 2012, Samsung continues unabated with a huge selection of screens, which culminate in the ES8000 LCD and E8000 plasma.

Samsung ES6100 series, a followup to last year's D6100, sits in the middle of the range. It's an edge-lit LED LCD and boasts a 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (for what that's worth). It skips the simulated local dimming, which Samsung calls Micro Dimming, found on more-expensive models. The TV comes with a Clear Motion Rate of 240, which means it has a 120Hz panel coupled with a backlight scanner (rapidly alternating backlight)--this is not a "true" 240Hz TV (more info).

The TV features onboard wireless for connecting to a series of services including Hulu Plus and Netflix via the Smart Hub. The TV includes a browser but in the absence of Smart Interaction you're stuck with navigating by remote. Other connections include three HDMI ports and three USB ports which can be used to connect external drives or the optional Skype camera.

The TV comes in a choice of six sizes from 40-inches up to 60-inches with the smallest available under $1000 online.

We haven't tested the UNES6100 but judging from its specs, it should perform similarly to the UND6400 from 2011.

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