Samsung entry-level LCDs hit the matte

Samsung introduced two series of entry-level LCDs with matte screens at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show

The 720p LNA450P series has matte screens... Samsung

Samsung's flat-panel LCD introductions at CES 2008 comprise four series of televisions, namely the entry-level 4 (720p) and 5 (1080p) series models and the higher-end 6 and 7 series displays. One of the major differences between the two groups of two series is that the screens of the entry-level models have a matte finish, while the screens of the more expensive models use the same kind of shiny screen--albeit an updated version--that we complained about with last year's LN-T4665F and other high-end models.

Aside from the screen, the Samsung press release mentions a 178-degree viewing angle (the same as last year's models, for what it's worth), hidden speakers, a side-mounted HDMI port, and a redesigned remote that includes "hot keys" that allow one-button access to different video sources.

The 720p native resolution (technically 1366x768) resolution 4 series includes the 19-inch LN19A450P, the 22-inch LN22A450P, the 26-inch LN26A450P, the 32-inch LN32A450P, the 37-inch LN37A450P, and the 40-inch LN19A450P.

The 1080p (1920x1080) resolution 5 series adds touch-sensitive controls on the cabinet, three total HDMI inputs (one on the side), and a side-mounted USB 2.0 port. It includes the 32-inch LN32A550P, the 40-inch LN40A550P, the 46-inch LN46A550P, the 52-inch LN52A550P.

Samsung did not confirm pricing for any of these models at press time but did say they will ship in March 2008. does the 1080p LNA550P series Samsung
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