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Samsung E370: T-Mobile Three Lions edition

A World Cup phone for footie fans with a small budget and even smaller pockets -- it even has a special low rate for calling home from Germany

If you're an England fan and you're running out of ways to show your support (no more windows left to put a flag in?), then turn your football-addled attention to this special edition World Cup mobile phone from T-Mobile.

The T-Mobile SGH-E370 Three Lions phone features England-themed wallpapers, animations and video clips. It also comes with a special roaming rate, so that calls back home from Germany only cost you 25p per minute, instead of the normal 55p per minute.

However, if you want to get this special roaming rate you must text 'Germany' to 49017 and pay a one-off £10 charge, so it's only worth it if you're planning to use your phone regularly over there. This offer will be available until 30 July and will work anywhere in Europe -- so you can hit the beach after the tournament's over.

The E370 is a tiny slider that measures 43 by 86 by 20mm and feels like a small bar of soap in your hand. Similar to the Samsung S400i, it's a little awkward to hold and use, but fits perfectly in a pocket. There's Bluetooth, 40MB internal memory and a WAP browser so you can keep up to date with all the football action wherever you are. It's currently available free of charge with a monthly contract on T-Mobile. Expect a full review soon. -AL