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Samsung drops deets on its high-def camcorder

Samsung has released more info about its upcoming SC-HMX10 high-definition camcorder, as well as the new SC-MX10 standard-definition, flash-based camcorder.

Samsung's new SC-HMX10 high-def camcorder.
Samsung's new SC-HMX10 high-def camcorder. Samsung

Six months after it teased us with its CES announcement of the SC-HMX10 high-definition camcorder, Samsung has released more details of the model, which is slated to hit stores this September. The AVCHD-based camcorder offers 720p recording to either an SDHC memory card or the camera's built-in 8GB of flash memory. A 1.5-megapixel CCD sensor and 10x optical zoom lens team up to capture footage, while a 2.7-inch LCD gives a view of what you're shooting. There's no optical image stabilization, but the camcorder's electronic image stabilization should help minimize the effects of your shaky hands. An HDMI jack lets you connect the camcorder to your HDTV, though it's unclear from the info we received whether that is on the camcorder itself, or on the dock that comes with it, which also offers USB and component video connections.

Samsung also released info about its upcoming flash-based standard-definition camcorder, the SC-MX10. It boasts a 34x optical zoom lens, 680,000-pixel CCD, and 2.7-inch LCD, and records MPEG-4 video to an SD card. Despite its long zoom lens, Samsung opted for electronic, rather than optical, image stabilization.

When it hits stores in September, the SC-HMX10 will have a price of about $850, while the SC-MX10 will cost about $350 when it starts shipping this August.