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Samsung Droid Charge to see maintenance update

Motorola's 4G LTE handset from Verizon is slated to pick up a update with bug fixes and minor improvements.

The Droid Charge gets a small performance tweak in the EE4 update. Verizon

The Samsung Droid Charge is set to pick up a minor software update in the near future that will be full of minor tweaks and bug fixes. At just under 10MB in size, the EE4 update centers on calling, e-mails, and messaging. For example, one adjustment makes it easier to place outgoing calls from the Visual Voice Mail application, while another allows for quicker dialing from the call log. Once it's installed, users may notice improved battery life, faster, more accurate GPS, and enhanced browser performance.

Verizon hasn't officially discussed the update, but there is a support page online. According to the documents, Droid Charge owners will receive a notification that the update is available that will direct them to start the process. Given Verizon's track record with updates of this nature, I look for the company to make an announcement in short order.