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Samsung device owners can pay via PayPal for apps, services

PayPal also welcomes developers selling their wares on Samsung Apps and Samsung Hub.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Owners of Samsung devices now can tap into their PayPal funds to purchase apps, music, and more.

Announcing the new option on Wednesday, PayPal said that Samsung Apps and Samsung Hub customers can choose PayPal to buy apps, music, movies, TV shows, e-books, and games. The option is available to customers in Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, and the UK. Support in the US is not here yet, but it is "coming soon," promised PayPal.

Developers also can choose PayPal to get paid. PayPal is now available as a payout option, a quicker process than relying on wire transfers, the company said. Developers also gain access to the 132 million PayPal customers across the world, PayPal added.

PayPal's mobile payment volume is expected to hit $20 billion, up from $14 billion last year and $141 million in 2009.