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Samsung denies Galaxy S4 will launch in February

Samsung has responded to claims that its sequel to the Galaxy S3 will see the light early next year.

Samsung has responded to rumours that the Galaxy S4 will see the light early next year, denying that a follow-up to its super-popular quad-core smart phone is on the way, CNET Asia reports.

Samsung fought the tide of speculation on its Samsungtomorrow Twitter account, with a Korean-language tweet that Google Translate decodes as "some media reported speculation that the Galaxy S3 subsequent models will be released".

The South Korean tech giant's tweet goes on to say the rumour "is not true". I assume that's referring to the date mentioned -- the original rumour reckoned the S4 would debut at the Mobile World Congress trade show, which takes place at the end of February each year.

While I have no doubt Samsung is concocting a follow-up to the 4.8-inch Galaxy S3, a February launch would be way ahead of schedule, as the current model came out less than four months ago at the end of May.

That's likely why Samsung felt it had to speak out -- Galaxy S3 owners would be understandably miffed if they thought their spangly new smart phone was just five months away from being replaced, and those considering buying the enormous mobile could be put off throwing down their cash.

Tech companies are creatures of habit, and it's more likely that we'll see the Galaxy S4 unveiled at a special Samsung event at some point closer to the summer of 2013. This year's big reveal took place on 3 May.

Samsung has confirmed one new variant of the Galaxy S3 -- that's the 4G version, dubbed the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE. That phone will work on EE's 4G network, which goes live in the next few weeks. Check out a speed test video below, and let me know what you'd like from the Galaxy S4 in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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