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Samsung debuts new 3D monitors

Samsung announces a new line of 3D monitors, each using Samsung's own proprietary 3D technology, not Nvidia's 3D Vision Kit. Both the SA950 and SA750 include unique aesthetic designs as well as WLED backlights.

The SA950 brings new meaning to the word 'sleek.' Samsung

LAS VEGAS--For the past few years, PC enthusiasts have had few options when choosing a stereoscopic 3D-capable monitor. For the most part, if you were exposed to any 3D content on the PC, it was Nvidia's 3D Vision Kit that facilitated that exposure. Today, there's a new player in town.

On Wednesday, Samsung announced a new line of 3D monitors using its own proprietary 3D technology, eschewing Nvidia's. Samsung's SA950 and SA750 are the first monitors to take advantage of this tech.

Each monitor includes a unique aesthetic design, especially in the case of the SA950, with its extremely thin panel and wide footstand, which attaches to the panel on the far right side.

The SA750 looks more traditional in design, but includes a very thin panel, and a narrow, oval-shaped footstand.

Both are WLED-backlit and include magic angle support, which allows TN monitors to retain some of their picture integrity even when viewed from extreme angles.

The SA750's unique footstand makes it stand out aesthetically. Samsung

Unlike the 3D Vision Kit, an IR hub won't be necessary for the monitor to function properly in 3D. You'll need only the monitor and a pair of Samsung's own 3D glasses.

Although both the SA950 and SA750 will be compatible with 3D content, the SA950 will also also convert non-3D content to 3D. No word yet on how well that will work however.

Check back later this week for more coverage on these and other Samsung monitors.