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Samsung debuts 19-inch see-through screen

Samsung has whipped out what could be the world's first 19-inch see-through AMOLED display that has 30 percent partial transparency.

Samsung transparent AMOLED display

Having amazed us with a 14-inch transparent screen earlier this year at CES 2010 in Last Vegas, Korean company Samsung is at it again. It's whipped out what could possibly be the world's first 19-inch see-through AMOLED display with 30 percent partial transparency.

It's also superthin and one step closer to the futuristic panels seen on "Avatar." It can't be too hard to imagine the hardworking chaebol surprising us next with a screen that marries multitouch magic like we saw in James Cameron's sci-fi epic. Samsung is picturing its latest see-through venture for car windshields or department store window displays. No word yet, though, on when you can use this 19-inch display for dibs on bragging rights.

(Source: Crave Asia via etnews Korea)