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Samsung creates a digital mutant

It's part PC, part multimedia player, part everything

You say you want an all-in-one device? Be careful what you ask for. Samsung has created something that looks like it would have been created by Dr. Frankenstein if he were a computing engineer instead of a nut job with a lab.

Samsung all-in-one device

Where to begin: The SPH-P9000 is part PC (Windows XP, 1GHz Transmeta processor, 30GB hard drive), part multimedia player (5-inch screen, MP3, video on demand), part PDA (QWERTY keyboard, WiMax) and part smart phone, without the phone part (1.3-megapixel camera, CDMA, Bluetooth). And it all folds up into a 5.6- by 3.7-inch case that's just over an inch thick.

No pricing has been released on this mutant, which is heading for the Korean market. But even if it reaches the states, we won't be getting one--too scared that it might unfold itself and come to life.

(Photo: Samsung Electronics)