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Samsung Connect Home will get a web-based interface in the future

Samsung's new Wi-Fi mesh and smart home systems will get an update in the future that will bring different improvements, including a more traditional interface to set them up.

Samsung's first Wi-Fi router with its SmartThings hub built-in will soon get a web-based way to set it up.

Dong Ngo/CNET

Samsung will keep improving its Wi-Fi mesh and smart home system, adding a web-based-interface to setup and control its functionality, a Samsung rep told CNET en Español.

Samsung Connect Home and Home Pro are the first Wi-Fi routers from the company with a SmartThings hub built in. Up until now you were able to set up the Connect Home system using only the Samsung Connect app in your mobile device.

Although the Connect app makes it relatively simple to setup the routers and smart home hub, it is not the most traditional way to manage a router and does offer some limitations.

In the future, a system update will enable users to visit a web address in their browsers to configure their Samsung routers, instead of needing to download another app to their phones or tablets.

Samsung neither revealed an estimated release date for this new interface nor additional improvements the systems might get in the future, but this update is certainly good news for its users.