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Samsung CLP-300: The world's smallest colour laser printer?

Samsung has unveiled what it claims is the world's smallest colour laser printer, which is about the size of four loaves of bread

Behold the smallest colour laser printer in the world: the Samsung CLP-300. Bow before its staggering lack of girth. Gasp in astonishment at its remarkable absence of height and roll down your sleeves as you realise you'll be able to carry it home from the shops without breaking your back.

It weighs just 13.6kg and is positively svelte (for a laser printer) at just 390mm across, 260mm high and 340mm deep. That's about the size of two Shih Tzu puppies standing side by side. Admittedly it's not as tiny as some inkjets, but it's still pretty impressive considering some colour lasers are the size of a small outhouse.

The CLP-300 can print four colour pages per minute or 16 mono pages per minute. It has 32MB of on-board memory, a maximum resolution of 2,400x600 and can stash 150 A4 sheets at any one time. The printer uses Samsung's patented 'NO-NOIS' (Non-Orbiting Noiseless Optic Imaging System) technology, which keeps it running quietly.

The CLP-300 will cost a very reasonable £200 and will be joined by a network-ready version, the CLP-300N, which will cost £249. Both will be released in October. Check back soon for a full review. -RR