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Samsung clones the Pentax *ist DL

Samsung clones the Pentax *ist DL

PMA 2006 - CNET covers the show
No, you're not seeing double. Samsung's budget dSLR bears a striking resemblance to the Pentax *ist DL, both inside and out. It uses the same 6-megapixel sensor and takes the same KAF/KA-mount lenses, though with a Schneider-branded version of the 18mm-to-55mm lens.

Though the companies bill it as the second result of a "joint development effort," one has to wonder why it took half a year to get the Samsung version out the door. And more importantly, why? I can almost understand the separated-at-birth idea when one model targets a high-tone audience and the other is directed at the mass market (read: Leica and Panasonic, respectively). So unless the Samsung name carries some astronomical mindshare somewhere, I don't see why they bother.