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Samsung claims world's fastest laser printers

These printers are not targeted at the usual home consumer.

MultiXpress 6555N

Samsung unveiled what it claimed to be the world's fastest mono laser MFP, as well as the speediest color laser MFP, as part of the Samsung Printing InspriAsia Tour 2008 held last week in Bali, Indonesia.

These printers are not targeted at the usual home users but geared more toward corporations and enterprise. The MultiXpress 6555N is a digital mono laser MFP capable of churning out 53 pages per minute (ppm). It comes with an 80GB built-in harddisk for storing files that are sent over the network. The A4-MFP also sports a 7-inch color touchscreen for accessing the menus. The 6555N succeeds the 6345N which prints at 43ppm.

For most laser printers, it takes much longer to print in color than in black and white. But the Korean firm dashed this perception by introducing the MultiXpress C8380ND, an A4 digital MFP. This beast of a printer spits out both color and mono prints alike at 38ppm. Like the 6555N it is network-ready and comes with an 80GB disk and a 7-inch color touch screen.

Both printers will ship with four of Samsung's latest printing solutions, one of which is JScribe. This was co-developed with IBM and CCP and is embedded within the printer. The software allows businesses to program Java applications to customize to their needs. For example, a company can request a program that limits certain individuals to print a designated amount of pages per month. This will allow it to save resources as well as monitor the usage of the machines.

(Source: Crave Asia)