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Samsung claims 300 million phones sold in 2011

Samsung claims it's flogged more than 300 million mobile phones throughout 2011, attributing many of those sales to the Galaxy S and Galaxy S2.

Korean tech colossus Samsung -- maker of the Galaxy S2 smart phone, our favourite mobile of the year -- claims it has sold over 300 million blowers worldwide in 2011.

We may not be total whizzes when it comes to numbers, but 300 million sure seems like a big one and Samsung is no doubt pretty chuffed with it -- even if those employees don't look too fussed in the photo above.

Unsurprisingly, it attributes much of those sales to its flagship Galaxy S2 phone, which has been phenomenally popular in the smart phone world since its launch in April. We were pretty keen on it too, awarding it our much-coveted Editors' Choice award as well as a whopping four and a half stars in our review.

The gloss of the S2 has rubbed off on its siblings, with the great-value Galaxy Ace and cutting-edge Galaxy Nexus among our most popular reviews of the year. Both appeared in our top 10 phones of 2011 too.

Earlier this year, Samsung boasted how the S2 had reached 10 million sales faster than any other phone in its lineup and that the older Galaxy S had totted up around 20 million sales. Impressive stuff, although not quite challenging Apple's figures of over 20 million iPhone sales in the third quarter of 2011 alone, as well as 4 million iPhone 4S sales within three days of its launch.

With the iPhone 4S showing a significant drop in popularity in our polls, however, it seems the time is perfect for Samsung to take back the top spot as number one phone manufacturer -- a battle we look forward to seeing continue with the Galaxy S3 and maybe iPhone 5 on the way next year.

What do you make of Samsung's supermassive numbers? Are you a Galaxy S2 lover or would you prefer to snuggle down with the HTC Sensation XL or iPhone 4s? Let us know in the comments below or on our galactically brilliant Facebook page.