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Screenshot by Patrick Holland/CNET

What do you see in Samsung's crazy new cylinder?

Samsung's latest gadget is a Rorschach test.

What do you see?


What does it look like to you?

Here are some CNET answers:

"A futuristic ashtray from a movie made in the 1960's." -- Eric

"I see a bad coldbrew coffee maker...actually, it's that thing that had those poison balls from 'The Rock.'" -- Morgan


That thing that had those poison balls from "The Rock."

"I guess it looks like a smart home thingy." -- Lynn

"A scale model of a very high-tech stealth lighthouse." -- Ed

"I don't know, like an air purifier of sorts." -- Xiomara

"The second version of the DeLorean that uses compost, it had...Mr. Fusion! Thank you." -- James

"A trash compactor." -- Rochelle

"It looks like a vacuum cleaner." -- Gabby (Medecki, director of CNET Espanol and Smart Home)

"I mean maybe a computer, it's got like all this power stuff..." -- Christine (Petrozzo, senior business intelligence analyst)

"You put this down (pulls out his iPhone) and it charges it and plays whatever you want at the same time, is that what this is?" -- Ravish (Puri, chief engineer at CBS Interactive HQ)

"It's kind of a like a Dalek, it's kind of like pepper spray, it's a trash can obviously." -- Kelsey

"Wasn't there a goofy robot in some cartoon where the head popped out of the top? Now I'm expecting arms to pop out too." -- Laura

"It looks like one of those circular speakers...a subwoofer, or like an Amazon Echo-like device." -- Andrew

"A bomb." -- Jason

"A Mac Pro." -- Lexy, John Kim (video editor)

"A Mac Pro with an ashtray on top." -- Patrick


So, what is it really?

Before you spoil it, maybe add your guess on Twitter or in our comments section below? Maybe we'll do something fun with the best caption?

Then click here to find out.