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Samsung can now fix your phone remotely

An update to the Samsung+ app could end awful customer service miscommunication.


Do you ever wish you should just show a customer service person your acting-up phone instead of trying to laboriously describe the problem and then try to fix it yourself?

A new feature for Samsung+, a customer service app you can download on compatible Galaxy phones and tablets, now grants remote access to the very people who can troubleshoot your device -- while you're together on a call. It's called Samsung Assist and don't worry, the agent helping you can't peer into your photos or feeds, or otherwise spy on you for Big Brother Samsung. This is just about getting your phone up and running again.

The Samsung+ app also gets a Community section (which already existed online and is now being folded into the app), so you can tap other people's tips and advice -- or look up help topics -- before dialing for a service rep. Samsung+'s remote-assist feature will roll out to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phones first.